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Our Story

Lao Productions started off with two energetic and outgoing individuals, Don and Roger, who wanted to show people around the world, why the world was beautiful. Capturing priceless and breathtaking moments with their cameras and sharing with others. After receiving many positive feedbacks from their friends and peers, they both decided to turn what was simply a hobby, to a business. But not any ordinary business, a business that will help their clients "Relive Their Moments" and be a part of helping people remember those beautiful moments of their lives.

How did Lao Productions, get their name? Both Don and Roger are Laotian and wanted to gain more recognition of the Laotian culture. With the many interactions and photography services provided to diverse and different culture group, allowed more people to gain exposure to these amazing Laotian individuals.

The motto of Lao Productions is to be yourself and have a friendly, outgoing and sociable personality. This is what Roger and Don live by, as not only do they want to be professional with their clients but also make sure everyone is comfortable, safe and having a phenomenal time. Because those true emotions and feeling are captured and will forever be remembered from that day forth.

Choose the Best, get the Best results and have the Best time of your life with Lao Productions.

Our Team

Our team is made up with only the very best, meeting and exceeding todays industries standards when it comes to helping you “relive your moments”.

Roger T.

Cinematographer | Producer

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